Gunning has everything you need to live a quiet yet fulfilled lifestyle. With a range of cafes, restaurants, services and amenities all within walking distance, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get to Gunning sooner.


Gunning is a village with character and a lot of characters. Everyone you meet has a memorable and friendly smile, we like to say they are one of a kind. From the local barista to the mechanic, everyone in Gunning is keen to meet their newest neighbour. Our friendly estate agent, Ian, is a local too – you’ll probably see him at the cafe of a morning, the pub of a Friday afternoon and cheering on the sidelines at the football game.

The Greens of Gunning is a landmark project and it’s also a very exciting prospect for all the local businesses, community groups and associations too. A Gunning that is a little bit bigger, will also be a whole lot better.



Gunning has a lively main street with cafes, specialty stores and the small, local businesses that you need every day. Whether it’s a good cup of coffee, a nutritious lunch or you need a few bits and pieces, the Gunning main street has you covered.

Imagine starting your day with a coffee from the Merino Café and then dropping the kids at school. You can grab any urgent supplies from the main street before heading off to work, either locally or in Canberra.

The afternoon sees you picking the kids up from school and heading down to the local pool or river. A local skate park, sports field and park will keep the kids busy until dinner time. Making the most of the incredible serenity of Gunning is as simple as grabbing a few beautiful steaks from the local butcher and having a BBQ in the afternoon sun.

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Once a week you might have footy training with the local club (two years running now), or maybe you’ll catch up with some mates at the Telegraph for a Friday beer. A long winding walk through the surrounding hills of Gunning will clear your mind of just about anything. For those with an avid green thumb, you’ve got a quarter acre to grow your own natural oasis (let us know if you decide on that pool). Local clubs and groups like the Gunning Rugby League Club and the Tuesday Night Cyclers Group are great places to meet new friends and stay active.

The kids won’t miss a beat at Gunning Public School, with the growing school thriving under a fresh, modern leadership.

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It could be a special occasion or maybe you simply feel like going somewhere nice – whatever the reason, you can wine and dine to your hearts content at award winning Grazing Restaurant at Gundaroo. Located in the historic Royal Hotel in Gundaroo this restaurant has a focus on great food made with the freshest possible ingredients.

If it’s near the end of the term, you might be treated to a show from the talented kids at Gunning Public School. Or, perhaps you’ll head into neighbouring Crookwell or Taralga for a special day out, with both towns offering an assortment of interesting unique shops and cafes. Canberra is still only 50-minutes drive from Gunning, should you want to celebrate, shop or visit one of the many galleries or shows.

Finally, if you’re only prone to one big party every year then just wait until people ascend upon Gunning for the annual Fireworks Festival – an explosive celebration of fantastic pyrotechnic displays, occurring every October.

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The Greens of Gunning is an opportunity to build a spacious and modern home for your whole family. Your kids will be able to walk to and from school each day, roam the streets on weekend and ride their bikes to the shops – and they will be able to do it all safely.

In Gunning, your family becomes your priority. A smaller mortgage removes the financial stress too often associated with owning your home, while proximity of essential supplies and traffic free roads mean you can spend more time doing things that really matter. The true vision for The Greens of Gunning, is the home you create.


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